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Necessary Ethiopia

Tastes like
  • Caramel
  • Stone Fruit
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This coffee comes from the Kokolla farmer's cooperative in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia. The genetic birthplace of the Arabica coffee species, this region is ideal for the production of quality coffee. Grown between 6,000-6,900 feet above sea level, the coffee fruit develops slowly due to the cool nights that take place at this high elevation. This slow development makes for a naturally concentrated sweetness and complexity in the finished product.

Kokolla is one of a large group of member coops that are collectively represented by the Kata Muduga Union. Kata Muduga's stated mission is to improve the life standard of member farmers by enhancing household income levels. In addition to serving as a liaison between the coops and specialty coffee buyers, the Union works with cooperative leaders to execute social projects: building schools, maintaining roads, and improving community access to clean water.