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Edwin Rodriguez

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  • Blackberry
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  • Tropical Fruit
Copa de Oro
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After our green buying team had made initial blind selections from the pool of competition lots at the 2022 Copa De Oro, we were delighted to learn that a number of these coffees were submitted by legendary producers from Divino Niño that we have been featuring on Passenger's menu for a number of years. One of these producers is Edwin Rodriguez who lives and produces coffee with his wife, Angie Lorena Córdoba, in the vereda of Bajo Horizonte. While Edwin cultivates multiple arabica varieties on his farm including bourbon, colombia, and castillo, his competition submission was a single variety separation of pink bourbon - a variety that has become increasingly favored by quality-focused Colombian growers in recent years. Edwin’s delicious pink bourbon was awarded third place in the central region of the Copa de Oro.

We’re honored to be able to share all of the coffees we selected from this year’s Copa de Oro as beautiful and varied representations of what the Huila region can offer. We’re especially excited, however, to again be featuring producers from the Divino Niño group of producers in Suaza. Divino Niño is the oldest of Passenger’s six Foundational Partnerships, and is in many ways the most fully realized example of the type of partnership our sourcing model strives to build. As with each of the Foundational Partnerships that together make up the core of Passenger's menu, our ongoing goal in Divino Niño remains the same: to try to add value for these producers as reliable, ongoing buyers - intentionally prioritizing the purchase of a broad representation of the coffees and quality grades that they produce each year (i.e. not just the 'cream of the crop'). To that end, we are delighted to share this beautiful lot, one of the finest coffees produced in Divino Niño last year, alongside other fine coffees purchased from Edwin and his neighbors that shine year round in Passenger's Divino Niño Foundational Lot and on the menu of our sister brand Necessary Coffee.