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with notes of
  • Chocolate
  • Marzipan
  • Red Fruit
10 oz2 lb5 lb
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Sweet, delicately rich aromatics of caramel, fig, and vanilla introduce a beautifully balanced cup with flavors of stone fruit and marzipan, bittersweet chocolate sweetness, and an elegantly integrated acidity reminiscent of green grapes.

While coffees from Peru’s Cusco region have been a fixture of Passenger’s menu for a number of years, this 2021 harvest selection is the first that we are presenting as a Foundational offering. As with our five other Foundational Partnerships (Agaro, Daterra, Divino Niño, Heza, and Montecarlos), we hope to gradually broaden our buying in this region year after year with two primary goals: (1) contributing to a more viable business proposition for this community of coffee farmers and, (2) offering highly consistent, beautiful coffees from this region to our partners and customers year after year.