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Yabitu Koba

with notes of
  • Cherry
  • Orange
  • Toffee
10 oz2 lb
  • Roasts Tuesday. Ships Wednesday
  • Free in-store pick up

This delightful coffee comes from the Hana Asrat washing station, in the Yabitu Koba Village of southwest Uraga, Guji Zone. Over the past few years, Hana Asrat has become a famous name in Guji, earning well-deserved renown as the source of some of the most sought-after coffees in the entire country. Part of the beauty of these coffees is likely due to the fact that they are produced by relatively young trees at staggeringly high elevations. Equally if not more important is the consistent focus and attention to detail that Feku Jebril, a life-long coffee trader, brings to his management of this washing station. While Passenger has purchased coffees from many different communities and washing stations throughout the Guji region, selections from Yabitu Koba have been perennial favorites on our menu since 2018.

Each morning during the harvest season, roughly 720 smallholder farmers selectively pick and deliver ripe coffee cherries to the washing station. The coffee is floated to remove defects and then pulped in the afternoon and early evening. After pulping, the coffee is fermented for 24-48 hours, washed, and then soaked for an additional four hours before being dried on raised beds for 8 to 14 days.