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Gesha Village Estate 2023

3 x 5 oz Bag Box Set

As the perennial source of some of the rarest, most celebrated coffees in the world, the Gesha Village Estate is an inspiring reflection of the passion and ambition of its founders Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton. Passenger has proudly presented special selections from Gesha Village nearly every year since our start as a roasting company and every year these coffees rank among our most popular menu offerings.

Gesha Village Estate
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This year, we are thrilled to offer all three of our 2023 harvest selections from Gesha Village as a special holiday bundle, creating a mouthwatering opportunity for comparative tasting during the festive season. While each lot is truly exemplary as a standalone selection, the trio offers a fascinating contrast of expressions of the 1931 Gesha variety that the remarkable team at Gesha Village has achieved through masterful processing.

From rich and comforting, to explosively jammy and tropical, to elegantly structured and floral, this collection of coffees truly includes something for everyone. Whether chosen for personal exploration and enjoyment, for brewing and sharing while entertaining guests, or as a gift for the coffee connoisseur in your life, the Gesha Village holiday bundle is an outstanding choice.

The set includes a 5 ounce bag of each of the following coffees:

  • Gesha Village Estate 2023 Lot #76 Honey Process
  • Gesha Village Estate 2023 Lot #106 Dry Process
  • Gesha Village Estate 2023 Lot #116 Dry Process