Introducing our 2022 Coffee Transparency Report

By Evan Howe

Jan 30, 2023

We are very proud to announce the release of Passenger’s first transparency report, including pricing data for all coffees contracted by our green buying team during the 2022 harvest season.


Given that this is the first time we are sharing transparency information in this way, we chose to devote extra attention to definitions and core values, in the hope that this would provide useful context when exploring the actual data. While future annual installments of our Transparency Report are likely to be more modest in scope, this inaugural edition includes an essay exploring what “partnership” means to us at Passenger, an overview of the Foundational sourcing philosophy that informs our coffee-buying decisions, and a description of two of the core strategies - freezing green coffee and Necessary Coffee - that we have developed in pursuit of that philosophy.

Transparency Report
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In addition to the digital edition of the report, which will remain freely accessible on our site, a beautifully printed physical edition is now available for purchase while supplies last.

Thank you for engaging with our work in progress. We truly appreciate it.