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Luz Raigosa Tasting Set

10oz + 5oz
  • Roasts Monday. Ships Tuesday
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Limited Edition Tasting Set:

The Quality Impact of Green Coffee Preservation in the Freezer

Freezing Coffee: Why We Do It And What It Involves
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One thing that really sets Passenger apart as a roasting company is our ongoing practice of freezing green (unroasted) coffee. As one of very few specialty roasting companies that freeze coffee on an ambitious scale, Passenger devotes a significant amount of time and money to freezer operations, and given that many of our peers opt not to adopt this strategy, we are often asked why we prioritize it to such an extent. While there are many reasons that we freeze our coffees, cup quality (and consistency) is certainly one of the most significant.

To some extent, one cannot truly appreciate the quality benefits of freezing coffee without an appreciation for the potential quality loss without freezing coffee. The present coffee pairing includes frozen and unfrozen versions of the same 2021 Colombian competition lot from producer Luz Raigosa (i.e. a portion that was frozen before roasting and a portion that was not), providing a unique opportunity for tasters to gain a better appreciation for the quality benefits, and possibilities, of green coffee preservation in the freezer.

The set includes:

  • A 10 oz. bag of Colombian producer Luz Raigosa’s competition winning microlot, that has been kept preserved in frozen storage, prior to roasting, since its arrival to the States (Spring, 2022).
  • A 5 oz. bag of the same competition lot from Luz Raigosa, that was not preserved in the freezer prior to roasting.
  • A full color printed insert with additional information to accompany the tasting set and introductory notes regarding Passenger’s approach to green coffee preservation.